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Sukeroku - Wikipedia


The graphic motif is based on the symbolic purple Hachimaki, red and white coloring, and crest from the costume of "Sukeroku," one of the "Kabuki Juhachiban". Sukeroku's chic appearance fascinated people and he was called "the most handsome man in Edo". (uniqlo)

nonbeard 2023-06-01 00:09:13.780510

Sinilink PCIe Computer Remote (XY-WPCE) Configuration for Tasmota


remote control power switch I'd like to flash

nonbeard 2023-05-23 10:25:34.559176



Tank Mouse touch pad

nonbeard 2023-04-21 16:20:25.193304

wxPython 4.2.0 builds with Python 3.11 but can't find wx._core · Issue #2297 · wxWidgets/Phoenix


consarn it

nonbeard 2023-04-17 22:03:02.088400

explain this css font-size: min(max(1em, 1.3vw), 1.3em);

nonbeard 2023-04-14 10:23:01.808217

The scientific reason kimchi is best made in earthenware onggi - The Washington Post


Let's make fizzy kimchi!

nonbeard 2023-04-09 13:35:35.844516



Various LLMs

nonbeard 2023-04-04 00:00:48.796389

OSDev.org • View topic - VGA colors in 80x25 text mode?


This is some bullshit. Text palette registers 0-7 map to VGA palette registers 0-7, with the exception of register 6 which maps to VGA palette register 20. Registers 8-16 map to registers 56-64.

nonbeard 2023-04-02 17:19:23.387495

Apple Keyboard - ArchWiki


Everywhere: Oh, you can use setxkbmap to swap alt and super keys

Dark corner of Arch wiki: Oh, unless you're using an Apple keyboard in which case you need to set a sysctl and update the initramfs!

nonbeard 2023-03-17 15:25:34.163122

A Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies by William Ernest Henley - Famous poems, famous poets. - All Poetry


poem from jess

nonbeard 2023-03-15 00:37:09.116519

Wistman's Wood - Wikipedia


Places to visit in the UK -- this one in Dartmoor

nonbeard 2023-03-13 23:26:42.001399

▶︎ King Salami and the Cumberland 3


The guy from the sushi place up the road plays in this band. I discovered this via my hairdresser, Canadian Steve, who is also in a band.

nonbeard 2023-03-03 16:05:10.201442

Tessera - Wikipedia


A tessara is a tile in a mosaic. Tessarea is the plural. Same root for tessellation.

nonbeard 2023-02-20 22:05:31.685010

Cwtch - Wikipedia


At a bar last night I discovered this was pronounced "kutch".

nonbeard 2023-02-19 22:39:15.311800

Ogleshield – Neal's Yard Dairy


Cheese, or weapon to fight gnomes

nonbeard 2023-02-19 16:03:57.586725

spark-joy/README.md at master · sw-yx/spark-joy


Some dude on HN made an entire list of colour palette generators.

nonbeard 2023-02-05 12:57:45.417163

Poline — esoteric color palette generator


""poline" is an enigmatic color palette generator, that harnesses the mystical witchcraft of polar coordinates. Its methodology, defying conventional color science, is steeped in the esoteric knowledge of the early 20th century"


nonbeard 2023-02-05 12:56:38.666379

Easter egg in flight path of last 747 delivery flight | Hacker News

nonbeard 2023-02-02 02:02:10.801132

Farro - Wikipedia


> Farro refers to the grains of three wheat species, which are sold dried and cooked in water until soft.

My mother has become temporarily obsessed with farro.

nonbeard 2023-01-24 20:28:12.525023

Grayscale on 1-bit LCDs


I learnt that pulse width modulation produces flicker -- imagine a 50% duty cycle of half on, half off -- whereas the more general pulse density modulation does not -- imagine the same amount of total on/off time, but divided more finely.

nonbeard 2023-01-12 21:27:21.749517

Perfect roast potatoes recipe - BBC Food


AAA+++ would gorge on again

nonbeard 2022-12-25 18:48:25.777028

Theodoros Kolokotronis - Wikipedia


This dude liberated Nafplio (from the Ottoman Empire) and then was imprisoned in Palamidi Fortress *in the city he liberated* (and now the capital of Greece, for a while) for being a traitor by the new (and 17-year-old) Bavarian King Otto of Greece! Shit sucks.

To be clear, he was extremely anti-Bavaria and a proponent of an independent Greece. He was only freed due to public outcry.

What a life.

nonbeard 2022-12-13 20:41:40.707390

Kolokotronis in the prison of Nafplio (1833) | Paul Vrellis Museum - Μουσείο Παύλου Βρέλλη


I went into this guy's prison cell! It looked ghastly, with almost no light. More like solitary confinement, really.

nonbeard 2022-12-13 20:22:51.861831

site - A bike ride in Ναύπλιο, Πελοπόννησος, Δυτική Ελλάδα και Ιόνιο


gps route nafplio - mycenae - nafplio

nonbeard 2022-12-13 14:39:51.318206

ναυπλιο βορεια - A bike ride in Ναύπλιο, Πελοπόννησος, Δυτική Ελλάδα και Ιόνιο


gps route

nonbeard 2022-12-13 14:38:25.199002

ΚΑΜΠΟΣ ΑΡΓΟΛΙΔΑΣ - A bike ride in Ναύπλιο, Πελοπόννησος, Δυτική Ελλάδα και Ιόνιο


gps route nafplio - mycenae - argos - myloi - nafplio

nonbeard 2022-12-13 14:36:38.164479

ΝΑΥ[ΛΙΟ ΜΥΛΟΙ ΚΙΟΣ ΝΑΥΠΛΙΟ - A bike ride in Ναύπλιο, Πελοπόννησος, Δυτική Ελλάδα και Ιόνιο


gps route nafplio - myloi - argos - nafplio

nonbeard 2022-12-13 14:22:03.217303

Thesis - Ktima Bairaktaris | Buy All Greek Wine Online


The “welcome drink” wine at amymone & adiandi

nonbeard 2022-12-13 07:54:54.034651

Forward-Forward Algorithm, an Alternative to Backpropagation for Neural Networks | Hacker News

nonbeard 2022-12-12 15:26:52.493224

てふぬと | CoeFont


CoeFont turns people's voices into 'fonts' for use with anything, in this case the vtuber てふぬと (in a happy mood)

nonbeard 2022-12-11 18:54:11.188215

てふぬと【喜】 | CoeFont


CoeFont turns people's voices into 'fonts' for use with anything, in this case the vtuber てふぬと.

nonbeard 2022-12-11 18:53:57.376349

The CRPG Addict: Dark Heart of Uukrul

nonbeard 2022-12-08 01:08:02.429147

RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Ian Boswell and Martin Buis on The Dark Heart of Uukrul :: rpg codex > doesn't scale to your level

nonbeard 2022-12-08 01:07:26.171876

The "authentic self" is relatively new -- Hans-Georg Moeller on Authenticity v/s Sincerity in Art - YouTube


Via David / curtain lurkers

It's an odd thesis IMO because when was authenticity taken seriously?

nonbeard 2022-12-05 18:29:54.990335

NoMachine - Free Remote Desktop for Everybody


Recommended remote desktop for linux (hn)

nonbeard 2022-12-03 10:29:32.865393

Anti Ligature Clothing | Tear Resistant & Fire Retardant


If you're at serious risk of suicide and are confined to a psychiatric hospital or prison, you can be put in clothing which is extremely difficult to rip or tear so you can't use it to harm yourself.

nonbeard 2022-11-25 00:21:55.291710

The Lotos-eaters by Alfred, Lord Tennyson | Poetry Foundation


Let us alone. What is it that will last?
All things are taken from us, and become
Portions and parcels of the dreadful past.

nonbeard 2022-11-19 19:59:48.038366

The Kalevala


Wearisome the maiden growing,
Her existence sad and hopeless,
Thus alone to live for ages
In the infinite expanses

(this is how it STARTS :D )

nonbeard 2022-11-18 00:08:08.956065

CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns"


Argues for a bootstrap-like reusable css rather than a css zen garden-like reusable HTML, but indirectly also sort of explains css pre processors like less to me, because they’re very useful for the zen garden approach but not so useful for the bootstrap approach.

nonbeard 2022-11-13 13:26:12.924553

Butter Soy Sauce Pasta with Japanese Mushrooms


Simple recipe using the butter + soy sauce combo. Turned out really nice -- comfortingly salty and creamy.

Also, it's hardly a recipe -- just mix the melted butter with some soy sauce in the pan, blend to emulsify, and add some pasta water to taste. Oh, and cook pasta for the last minute or so in the pan to get it nice and glazed.

nonbeard 2022-11-12 19:48:55.010714

Housing in Tokyo Is Far Cheaper and More Spacious Than You Think | Hacker News


Interesting discussion of various housing costs. London a depressing outlier.

nonbeard 2022-11-02 12:16:11.065384

Video Games Are Giving Up On The Idea We Can Save The World


“Emancipatory politics must always destroy the appearance of a ‘natural order’, must reveal what is presented as necessary and inevitable to be a mere contingency, just as it must make what was previously deemed to be impossible seem attainable.” – Mark Fisher

This quote from the comments reified the vague feelings of unease I have at the doom and gloom around climate change. If you truly believe that nothing can be done, then you will do nothing.

nonbeard 2022-11-01 18:31:35.504754

2D signed distance functions


iq is great -- beautifully illustrated example SDFs for many shapes, each linking to a Youtube video explaining the maths.

nonbeard 2022-10-31 22:23:32.203886

Things That Help People Make New Friends


Proximity, unplanned interactions, and privacy (i.e. one-on-one moments).

nonbeard 2022-10-29 19:22:56.721995

Systemantics - Wikipedia


system failure is an intrinsic feature of systems

nonbeard 2022-10-17 22:12:53.597282

Debian: how to install packages from a newer distribution


Add the repository, create a pin for all packages to the old repo, add a pin for the package of interest

nonbeard 2022-10-07 21:32:36.402638

Amiga C/C++ Compile, Debug & Profile - Visual Studio Marketplace


Really awesome VS Code extension which lets you scrub back and forward along a trace of Amiga demo execution to see DMA, all registers, copper list activity, etc. One of the few things that would get me to use VS Code... if it weren't also Windows-only!

nonbeard 2022-10-03 20:40:00.283841

Why Marcel Duchamp Played Chess with a Naked Eve Babitz | Artsy


Where I ended up after reading about the Magnus v Hans chess cheating scandal on HN.

nonbeard 2022-09-27 00:22:05.465529

ghidraninja/game-and-watch-backup: Relatively easy to use scripts for backing up (and restoring) the original Game & Watch firmware.


zelda game and watch modding

nonbeard 2022-09-26 23:40:00.564682

kbeckmann/game-and-watch-retro-go: Emulator collection for Nintendo® Game & Watch™


zelda game and watch modding

nonbeard 2022-09-26 23:39:51.419125
📜 Boyfriend of Zelda